Today was the day that Tots and SuBearu returned to the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine for their follow-up exams; There was good news and not-so-good news.

Curators Jamie and Haley carried SuBearu out of The Cub House. They took Tots out of Hartley House, as well.

The news about Tots was great – she is now cleared to go out into a Wild Enclosure!

Unfortunately, SuBearu wasn’t so lucky. Her original fracture had healed, but she apparently had fractured the tibia in her right back leg sometime in the past week or so.

She went to surgery where a plate was put in to help the tibia heal.

This X-ray shows where the plate has been positioned in her leg.

Curators Jamie and Haley brought SuBearu back to ABR.

SuBearu is in The Recovery Center, and has two rooms. To help her recover, Puff is there with her. The two cubs were unhappy to be separated, and calmed down when they were reunited.

We hope her recovery goes well. Keep your fingers crossed!