Tiny Cubs and Big Cubs

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There is a big difference between the sizes of our newest three cubs and those who have been at ABR for a longer time, as these photos show.  Please remember, however, that all of the cubs are the same age – about 9 months old!  All of them were born in late January-early February of 2015.  The size differences are the result of small cubs not getting the enhanced nutrition that the ABR residents have enjoyed.  The tiny cubs were out in the wild, with all the attendant dangers and struggles, including food shortages, until a very short time ago.  The chubby cubs have been getting the “ABR diet” of fruits, nuts, and Mazuri Bear Pellets, which provide all the vitamins, minerals, protein and fat that little bears need.  We want our cubs to gain enough weight to sustain them after release, in case it takes them a while to get oriented to finding food in their new, wild home.

Let’s take a look at two of the newest arrivals – Derby Bear and Pumpkin Bear.  The third one, Tedford Bear refused to be photographed this time.


Derby Bear needs to grow into his long legs.


Pumpkin Bear huffs and hides when she senses the curator nearby.

The good news about these small cubs is that Curator Coy sees marked improvement in their health, alertness, and mobility that indicate the medicines are doing their job.  They will soon be ready to go out in the Wild Enclosures.

Here are a few of the cubs who have been at ABR for a longer time.  We’re sure you will immediately notice the size difference in comparison to Derby and Pumpkin.


Ellis Bear is in a tree that has lovely fall leaves.


Pansy Bear rests on the ground.

Charley B

Charley B stands on the ever-popular stump.

We hope that it won’t be long before the three tiny cubs become big cubs like these.