The Three Bigger Yearlings

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We focused on the tiny little, cub-sized yearlings in our last post. Today we revisit the bigger yearlings who have been at ABR for a few months and have grown much larger.

Peppermint, in the culvert den, looks rather annoyed at her brother, who is playing with a dead Christmas tree.

The two yearlings go out to forage together.

Mistletoe flops on his belly to forage in a reclined position.

Peppermint is looking for nuts. She has found peanuts and pecans.

The siblings are looking healthy and strong.

The third “big” yearling is Nettles. Here she is on her way down from her tree.

She is doing very well and is so much braver and more confident than she was a couple of months ago.

All of the ABR yearlings are making good progress toward the goal of being ready to return to the wild.