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Between their full tummies, their increasing lethargy as it gets closer to hibernation, and the rainy weather, the ABR cubs haven’t been too active lately. That’s OK though, they are supposed to be winding down. The exceptions are the three Christmas cubs in the Hartley House. They are showing the effects of hyperphagia and it keeps them busy as they try to make up for their food deficit during their earlier months.

CranBeary, the smallest of the three cubs, seems to always be the first one in to eat after the curator has cleaned the room and put out fresh food.

CranBeary had finished his first helping when his siblings joined him.

All three of the cubs were soon gathered in the same room to eat.

In Wild Enclosure #1, the very chonky cubs rested on their platform.

Next door, Heather Bear, the yearling, also rested on her platform. You can see the Enclosure 1 group on their platform next door.

Another “Help, I’ve fallen and can’t get up” incident. This time it’s one of the Fight Club girls.

Taco and the other T cubs (plus Myrtle) chose to sleep and rest in trees.

The weather is scheduled to turn noticeably colder for the rest of the week, with rain for a couple more days. We can expect that the cubs will choose platforms or trees, and will abandon their ground nests for now. Watch this space.