Tartan Bear Doing Well

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The undernourished, underweight little yearling, Tartan Bear has been at ABR for three days and seems like a different bear! Although he still doesn’t use his bed as a bed (some cubs do, from the outset) he is “doing his own thing” and that is just fine. We value creativity.

Tartan knows a bed is supposed to be a pile of sticks and leaves. This is not a bed!
Whatever it is, Tartan needs to move it.
This location gives him access to the door – a coincidence, or not?
Look how strong Tartan is! He pulls himself up the door and wall.
The bed makes a nice, soft landing place when he drops down.
Taking a rest from his exertion, Tartan supports the wall, as Bud Bear did when he was confined to Hartley House near the end of his stay.

It seems that our new resident will be fun to watch. He is making good progress already, after just three days. Keep watching, to see what he and the curators do next!