Summitt is Released!

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Our last post reviewed the life that Bear #258 – Summitt Bear – had at ABR.  In this post we will show photos of the actual workup and release back into the wild.


Summitt was lured into the Acclimation Pen to be sedated for his workup.

This was the first step, and he was not a happy bear, being back in confinement!

Coy - Summitt

Curator Coy lifted the immobilized Summitt Bear.

Coy - David- Summitt

Curators Coy and David prepared to carry Summitt to the staging area.


Tools needed for the workup.


Summitt’s eyes are covered.

Heart rate

Curator Janet monitors Summitt’s heart rate.


Summitt is weighed – his weight is 88.5 pounds!


Measurements are taken.

Summitt - teeth

Summitt has healthy, white teeth.

Release team

The release team in action.

Summitt was loaded into the carrier on the TWRA truck.

Release site

At the release site, the gate is lifted.


Without hesitation, Summitt leaps from the truck.

Summitt - home

Off he runs into his forest home.

Thus concludes another successful release of a bear cared for at ABR.  The curators stated that Summitt was an especially beautiful bear with a healthy, shiny coat of fur.  He had gained 64.5 pounds during his stay.  As always, we wish Summitt Bear a long and healthy life in the wild.  He is back where he belongs.  Goodbye and good luck, Summitt Bear!