Story of the Vertical Den

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The four female cubs in Wild Enclosure #4 had an interesting experience with the Vertical Den in their enclosure recently.

The day started with all four cubs waking up after snuggling together on “Summit’s Branch” in their enclosure, where they had slept.

The arrow is pointing to the lump of bear cubs all squished together on the branch. Good thing it’s a sturdy tree limb!

Down the tree they come, to forage for breakfast.

The cubs showed a great deal of interest in the Vertical Den, constructed by curators to replicate the type of tree den favored by bears in the Smokies.

Little Trouble and Sorrel Worked on shredding the stump, and seemed to be swatting at something that swatted back at them. What was going on?

Little Trouble climbed the ladder to check on the den, while Sorrel waited at the bottom.

Little Trouble discovered something or someone inside the Vertical Den!

Sorrel watched as Little Trouble descended.

Unsurprisingly, Sorrel took the opportunity to attack Little Trouble’s foot – Chomp! (That was typical bear cub behavior!)

Along came Sage. Did she want to help, or what?

Something black and furry kept coming out of the stump. The cubs tried to catch it, but it was too quick. What is it?

The big reveal – it’s Rosemary Bear!

Little Trouble and Rosemary exchange “words.” Little Trouble seems to be annoyed that Rosemary for played this trick on her friends.

It looks like repairs will need to be made to the Vertical Den during the winter, after the cubs are gone. It’s job security for the curators!