Sleeping Bears

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Both Tartan the yearling and Taco the cub are champion snoozers. Each of them can be found several times during the day sleeping. We can’t blame Tartan Bear, because it’s been very hot and humid recently, and as we know, he has a black fur coat! He chooses shady places for his naps.

Tartan Bear naps in the shade of trees and underbrush.

Sometimes he is very well hidden under the foliage.

He has made himself a nice daybed on which to snooze.

Taco Bear is in air-conditioned quarters in the Hartley House, so he isn’t concerned by the heat, but, as a four-month-old cub, he needs lots of sleep to help him grow.

This was during the night, when his black stuffed “mama” bear becomes Not a Polar Bear.

Taco has really bonded with Not a Polar Bear! He likes to snuggle with his “mama.”

This weekend, ABR participated in the Smoky Mountain Scottish Festival and Games here in Townsend. Here is a photo of the booth, with Lisa Phillipen in her kilt, and two other ABR volunteers at the booth to greet people who attended.

This was the first event in which ABR participated since COVID arrived two years ago. We are hoping to become active in community events again.

Maybe in our next post we will be able to show the two bears being more active. We’re thinking it will depend on the weather, particularly in Tartan’s case. Stay tuned.