Six Pack Cubs Forage in Pool!

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As we have posted before, the food for the cubs is delivered in a unique, though low-tech way, by the curators who throw it over the fences.  Here is Curator David delivering a meal to the cubs in Wild Enclosure #4.


Curator David throws food over the fence.

This time, his aim was not so good.  A good bit of food fell into the Cubby Pool.


The six-pack of cubs, minus one, forage around the pool.


The “minus one” cub, Cherry Bear, decided to wait.


Viola and the other cubs are puzzled by the food in the water, but they want to eat.


They want those peanuts, but seem not to want to get wet.


One cub balanced on the safety log to get at the peanuts.

The amusing thing was that after avoiding getting wet while foraging, as soon as they finished eating, the cubs all went in for a swim!  Go figure!