Rollo and Otto

Showers and Sunshine

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In our last post we showed you photos of Otto and Rollo on a rainy day.  It always intrigues us that bear cubs more often than not spend the day in a tree when it is raining. Even a downpour doesn’t chase them out of their tree.  On this day there were alternately showers and sun, so the cubs climbed down to forage in between the showers.

Rollo and Otto

Sunlight filtered through the treetops and raindrops when the curator began observation.

Cubs - forage

The cubs climbed down to forage.  Rollo hit the ground first.

\Rollo - Otto

Rollo set out to find a tasty morsel.


Otto found a yummy pear. Rollo took his treat into the underbrush.

On a rainy day the cubs’ diet is composed of foods that won’t disintegrate.  Pears, apples, nuts and grapes are favorite foods that hold up well in the rain.