Two cubs

Salad for Cubs

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They are eating again – but this time it’s a new food, and one that looks good to us, as well!  The curator fixed a yummy fruit salad for our little bears and we have photos to show how they reacted.

This photo shows clearly the difference in size between the two cubs.  Although they are the same age, Otto Bear has been the recipient of the ABR enriched diet for a longer period of time, while Rollo Bear was in the wild with his mother.  Food in the wild is not so abundant in the spring.  Both cubs are healthy.

Two cubs

The two cubs wait patiently on their platform.

Here is the salad.  Doesn’t it look “good enough to eat?”


Yummy fruits with some greens for garnish.


Rollo goes for the familiar food first.


Otto gets into his food with gusto.


Rollo takes a turn at the salad bar, too.


The cubs play “musical bowls” as they switch places.

What’s going on outside?  Summitt Bear, the yearling, relaxes and snoozes in a tree.


Summitt dozes in a tree in his Wild Enclosure.

As we’ve said before, the yearling is often difficult to find as he hides in the undergrowth or in the treetops.  This time the curator was able to spot him and snap his photo.  The two cubs will be released into a different Wild Enclosure when they are ready.