Piccola and Dash

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Our last post showed the food delivery system and how the Six-pack cubs foraged, even when some of their food went in their pool.  This time we’ll visit the two cubs who live next door – Piccola Bear and Dash Bear.  They still aren’t as friendly to each other as the Six-pack, but they have had less time to get acquainted.


Piccola asleep on the platform. She sleeps there alone so far.


Time to get the day started.


Piccola surveys Wild Enclosure #3. Until very recently, it was all hers.


Time to get to the day’s work – chubbifying!


First, a drink from the Cubby Pool.  We can see that she is getting chubbier.


Piccola looks around. Perhaps she is looking for Dash.


Dash wakes up in her daybed, where it appears that she sleeps at night.


Piccola (left) and Dash (right). They are foraging closer to each other, but still keeping distance between themselves.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.  Cub friendships can develop slowly.  There’s still a good possibility that we’ll see them together on the platform or in the pool.