On a Happier Note…

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The other eight bears are getting along well. Here are updates on them, beginning with the Cub House residents, Boudreaux and Beignet.

Beignet had pinned her brother’s head down during their wrestling match.

A new addition – a”baby bear pool.” The cubs noticed it; went back to their wrestling match.

Next, we visit Daffodil in the Red Roof Recovery Center. She is taking a nap.

Daffodil Bear doesn’t use the beds as much as Hartley did. Guess she’s tougher.

Sweetie Bear is still in the Acclimation Pen by Wild Enclosure #3. She will be out with Hartley before long.

Sweetie is starting to do some pacing in the Acclimation Pen, a signal that she will want out very soon.

Hartley Bear is enjoying the Wild Enclosure. We wonder how he’ll feel about Sweetie when she joins him.

Hairy Hartley Bear likes to rest at the base of a tree.
When startled, Hartley assumed the climbing position. If needed, he’d be up the tree in a flash. There was no danger, but he was ready! Good bear!

Finally, we peek in at the Beary triplets. Their favorite activities are playing and sleeping.

No activity now. The triplets are asleep.

And the ABR day ends on a quiet note.