Heather Starts The Day

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Heather, the 20-month-old yearling bear at ABR, is doing very well. She still needs to gain weight, but that’s a matter of time and foraging. We see her at the beginning of a typical day in her enclosure.

If you recall, when she first arrived she didn’t stay on her resting platform, but retreated to the branches of a tree to sleep. Now she is comfortable on the resting platform, and often sleeps there all night long.

Waking up, she stretches and scritch-scratches.

Out comes her long tongue as she yawns.

Here is that tongue again – bears have very long tongues that help them to scoop up insects.

Yes, it’s morning. Time to forage for breakfast!

Heather stands up before she descends to get her breakfast.

Down she goes to start foraging. On the menu today will be acorns!

Lovely acorns! These are a favorite food, especially in the fall of the year during hyperphagia!

We leave Heather to her delicious acorn breakfast. Have a good day, Heather!