Harlan and Sassafras Bear

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Harlan Bear is from KY; Sassafras is from TN. As the last of the current crop of bear cubs to arrive at ABR, they were released into Wild Enclosure #3 together. They seem to have become good buddies, and enjoy utilizing the enclosure’s amenities, especially the Cubby Pool.

Sure-footed Harlan Bear walks around the pool’s edge.
He climbs down the safety log to swim in the pool.
Harlan practices his flutter kick while holding on to the log.
Along comes Sassafras Bear. She is sure-footed too, and stands on the edge of the pool.
Sassafras joins Harlan in the Cubby Pool.
Harlan and Sassafras kick together. This reminds us of kids at a swimming lesson, learning the technique of the flutter kick.
Swim session is over – time to go and forage.

Not to neglect our yearling, here is a shot of Sparks in his usual spot, doing his usual thing – taking a nap.

Zzzzz. He needs to be well-rested when he goes back into the wild.

There’s never a dull moment in the Wild Enclosures at ABR. We’re glad to say that everyone is doing well.