Eating Again

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If it seems that every post shows the cubs eating, it’s because the only time the curators can see and photograph the bears is when they go down to the Acclimation Pen to clean the pen and put out food.  And it goes without saying that when food is put out, the cubs are eating.  Today we have a little drama in photos that is really quite funny.  We hope you enjoy it.


Rollo and Otto Bear eating side-by-side.

Rollo -Otto

Otto looks over at Rollo and his bowl.


Otto moves over, perhaps wanting to take a sample of Rollo’s food.


Rollo doesn’t want to share his food.


Rollo makes it clear that he doesn’t want to share. Otto returns to his own bowl.


Rollo makes his point even clearer.


Rollo and Otto eat peaceably, side-by-side.

What we find so amusing in this little story is that Rollo never stops eating, even when Otto attempts to get at his food.  He makes his feelings known emphatically, and the larger cub gets the message.