Early One Morning

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Bear cubs have internal alarm clocks that cause them to be up and about early in the morning. Then they start the day’s activities – mostly foraging and eating!

Even on a foggy day like this, the foraging starts early.

In her enclosure, Heather Bear wakes up and does some grooming.

Then she climbs down to forage for her breakfast.

After satisfying her appetite, Heather returns to the resting platform to take a nap. During hyperphagia, eating and sleeping are the primary activities. Both are needed to prepare for winter.

Meanwhile, in Wild Enclosure #1:

One cub swims, another climbs.

Two swim, one eats, and one is on the den. Watch that cub on the den!

Wow! What athleticism! The cub leaps all the way up to the firehose hammock!

The athletic cub holds on.

S/he explores the firehose hammock, now that s/he is there.

We have seen cubs jump down from one level to another, but this is the first time we’ve seen the reverse, where a cub jumped UP like that. These are strong little bears. They will be ready to take their places among the wild bears when they are released!