three cubs

Cubs on the Ground

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After all the napping in trees that we have seen recently, it was a welcome change to see them back to foraging on the ground.  It makes the curators breathe a little easier when they are down from those lofty heights!

three cubs

All three of the cubs were foraging on the ground.

Finn and Eliza

Eliza can be seen peeking out from behind the tree.


Finnegan Bear is doing a very good job of chubbifying.


Andy is a round little bear.

Eliza, Finn, Andy

The two boy cubs depart. Eliza stays near the tree.


Eliza Bear behind a plant.

We must explain that we won’t be posting as many photos now, because the curators are beginning the sometimes lengthy process of luring the cubs into an Acclimation Pen for sedation, prior to their release.  This will limit the time the curators can spend near the Wild Enclosure, resulting in fewer chances to take photos.  We will post what we can and when we can.  Hope you will be patient and understanding.  Thank you!