Sola Bear

Cubs Eat and Drink

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In this season of hyperphagia, when bears and bear cubs are eating very large quantities of food to prepare their bodies for hibernation by putting on weight, it is also important for them to drink mre water than usual.  They do this to process the “food overload” and to rid their body of various toxins at the same time.  Sola Bear is seen foraging for food and then taking a drink from the cubby pool.

Sola Bear

Sola Bear, foraging on the ground.

Sola drinks

Sola goes to the pool for a drink.

In her acclimation pen, little Pumpkin Bear senses the nearness of a curator and retreats to the highest point in the pen.  She feels safer when up high.


Pumpkin up high in the acclimation pen.

If she could, she would climb up a tall tree, as this cub has done.  This cub is too far away to identify.

cub in tree

Cubs feel safest when they are up in trees.

We look forward to seeing Pumpkin up in a tree soon.  She, Tedford, and Derby will be out in the Wild Enclosure as soon as they have finished their medicines and are judged to be well enough.