Happy birthday

Cubs Become Yearlings!

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This is the assumed, official birthday of our ABR cubs.  Black bear cubs are born between mid-January and mid-February, so we use January 22nd as the birthday for our cubs.  It’s been snowing, so our photos show the cubs in the snowy enclosure, where they really stand out.  In the summer the foliage made them hard to see, but now it’s easy to see where they are.

Here is the ABR “birthday card” to the cubs – now yearlings.

Happy birthday

We wish our little yearlings a very happy birthday!

In Wild Enclosure 3, Milo and Zellie Bear rest in separate trees.  They come down at dusk to forage, just like good wild bears should do.


Milo and Zellie, snug in their trees.

In Wild Enclosure 1, the bears climb down to forage when they are aware that food has been thrown over the fence for them.


Yearlings foraging in Wild Enclosure 1.  They stand out against the snow.

Joy Bear, who arrived just a few days ago, is the smallest bear onsite at present.  She is in an Acclimation Pen and needs to gain some weight before she can be released outdoors.

Joy Bear

Joy Bear is still in her acclimation pen.  She is a tiny little yearling.

There are two other yearlings who are out of the snow – Star Bear, who came in on the same day as Joy, is doing well – eating, eliminating, and climbing.  She will doubtless be released into a Wild Enclosure very soon.  Cedar Bear is still recovering in his private pen in the garage.  He is coming along well.