Cub Portraits by Ken

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As you may recall, ABR has a designated photographer who is the only one, aside from the curators, who has permission to photograph our bears. Ken’s photos are much more detailed, thanks to his professional photography equipment, and are used by the curators as well as the UT vets to assess the health and progress of the cubs. For us, they are simply a treat to see!

Here is the reason for Ken’s superior photography (plus his talent and expertise, of course):

Comparison of Ken’s camera equipment with that of the curators. Ken has various lenses, too.
Sunflower, the cub with the missing ear (an old injury that had already healed when she arrived at ABR).
Ken caught a photo of Clover as she dangled from the wire supporting a swingy ball. We could caption it “what do I do now?”
Another shot of Clover. She is photogenic and gets into some interesting poses.
Chickadee seems not to want her picture taken.
Sassafras is watchful as she drinks from the Cubby Pool.

Not all of the bears were photographed by Ken on this day, but we do have more, and will showcase them in our next post. Stay tuned.