Chubbifying Cubs Still At It

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As the days go by, the cubs at ABR keep eating and eating. Hyperphagia is not over yet! These little bears seem driven to be as chubby as possible by the time they leave us.

Here is an example – look at three of the girls in Wild Enclosure #4. They continue to eat and chubbify, and hopefully, their new enclosure mate, Nettles, will plump up as well as these girls have done!

The previously smallest cub, Myrtle, looks much chonkier now than when she went into Wild Enclosure #3. The rest of her gang are out of sight. They all sleep together in a ground nest behind the forbidden tree.

Heather moves her bed, sometimes opting for the branch of a tree (up there on the right), sometimes in her own ground nest…

…and sometimes choosing to sleep on the resting platform.

The girls of Fight Club often are found sleeping on their platform. Nettles is in a tree nearby, but they haven’t contacted each other as yet.

The curators throw food down near Nettles’ tree,so she doesn’t have far to go. Watching the other girls in her enclosure, we can see that their appetites are still going strong.

We can’t help but wonder when (or if) they will lose interest in food. Maybe never, although we believe that eventually they will slow down. The usual pattern is that by the time they are released they will be ready to find a den and sleep. Time will tell.