This is truly amazing – after only 9 days at Appalachian Bear Rescue, Carter Bear (Cub #206) was deemed healthy and strong enough to join the other three cubs (Bonnie Blue, Ridgeway and Marvin) in the Wild Enclosure!  Curators Coy and Janet, who have carefully monitored Carter’s progress, noted that since he has gained strength and mobility he was showing signs of the stress of confinement, even in the spacious Cub House with its outside area.  He was pacing and trying to get out.  After consulting with the UT vets who had treated Carter, it was decided that the time had come for him to leave the confinement of the Cub House.  The door to the Wild Enclosure was opened remotely, and as you will see in this video, after he realized the door was open he did not hesitate to venture outside to explore and climb a tree.  Maybe this seems familiar to him, similar to what he had known before he needed to be rescued.  We’ll be interested to see how he relates to the other 3 cubs and they to him.  Remember, they have already been “introduced,” cub style, through scent.