Bennie and sapling

Busy Bennie Bear

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As we have said, during the fall the interests of the cubs are focused on food, food, food.  Instinctively, they know that they must eat as much as possible, in order to put on weight before winter hibernation.  However, Bennie Bear did take some time off from eating, and as this sequence shows, he was back to his game of “sapling attack.”  He didn’t want to share “his” sapling with his brother, Jerry.  Carrie, his sister, didn’t even try to take the sapling from Bennie.

Bennie and sapling

Bennie studies the sapling

Jerry with Bennie

Jerry is curious

Bennie, Jerry, Carrie

Jerry, Bennie and sapling, and Carrie(in back)

Bennie and Jerry wrestle

Bennie and Jerry have a “discussion” about the sapling.

Bennie with sapling

Bennie retains possession of “his” sapling.

We apologize for the length of time since the last post.  We have been busy preparing for and presenting school programs.  There is more news to report from ABR, and we will post again tomorrow.  Watch for the next installment of “Life with the cubs.”