Busy Bears

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The cubs and yearlings at ABR have many choices of activities to fill their days. One of the most important is eating, of course, but there are others as well. They can stay active at night, as well as during the day.

Marmalade Bear has a peanut on her arm.
Chomp chomp. The peanut didn’t stay there for long!
Harlan tries out the Tire Bridge. Day or night, it doesn’t matter.
Here we see all seven cubs in Wild Enclosure #2. They are busy foraging.
Cubs are like monkeys in the trees. They climb up and down with the greatest of ease.
Oh my! there are more cubs in this tree than we thought!
Mulberry yearling takes a swim in his Cubby Pool.
Later, Augustus yearling stops by the pool for a drink.

Yearling bears are loners, having been dispersed from the family unit during the time of “family breakup.” As loners, Mulberry and Augustus do not socialize with each other the way the cubs do. They maintain good social distancing, and take turns using the various amenities in Wild Enclosure #4, which they share.