As of the day after Independence Day, ABR has eleven cubs in residence. We’ll introduce them in families, which is how they arrived, in coming days, but for now, here they are so you can see them.

Thistle Bear, with her two siblings, is currently in Wild Enclosure #3. Our old friend Taco Bear is there,too.

Another family of three siblings – aptly called the “Herb Sisters” – are in Wild Enclosure #4. They are Rosemary Bear:

Sorrel Bear, her sister

and the third sister, Sage Bear.

Another cub in Wild Enclosure #4 is the one who gained notoriety (and a great deal of sympathy) when she had a jar stuck on her head for a week until she was rescued. By that time, the rest of her family had moved on, leaving Little Trouble behind. She had a rough start, but is now doing well with the Herb Sisters in WE4.

These are the cubs in Wild Enclosures, but there is one more family of three who are in the Hartley House because the male cub, Highland, had to return to the UTCVM for surgery to remove an obstruction in his bladder. He is recovering, and his two sisters are keeping him company until the three can be released into a Wild Enclosure.

Highland stood up, making it easy for the curators to see how his stitches are healing.

So as you can see, the cub population has exploded at ABR! Stay tuned for the background stories as well as the story about the release of yearling Tartan Bear. We’ll do better about updates, we promise!