All Quiet at ABR

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Things have settled down and it is calm at ABR now that most of the cubs have returned to their wild homes. We hope they are all doing well, and are finding comfy places in which to spend the winter.

Meanwhile, we are watching the four cubs who are left, beginning with little Nettles. If you recall, Nettles was rather intimidated by the feisty Fight Club girls. She only came down from her tree at night, when they were not active. Now it’s a different story. Nettles is exploring and foraging even in daylight!

We can see that she is not so little any more, just look at her!

She is eating peanuts, and uses that back of her paw as a plate. We’ve seen this behavior in many of our previous residents. It seems to be an ingrained habit.

In typical cub fashion, Nettles cracks open a peanut, extracts the nut and eats it, while discarding the shell.

It’s easy to see that Nettles has gained weight and that her fur coat is healthy. Good bear!

Nettles is making use of the resting platform, too. While the Fight Club girls were in residence, Nettles didn’t use the platform, but now she feels free to rest there whenever she wants!

After a while she reverses position before going up the tree, where we assume she slept. We’re glad to see her feeling comfortable.

In the Hartley House, the Christmas cubs are using all three of the beds, so each cub has their own. As soon as the curators get one of the empty Wild Enclosures ready, the triplets will be outside again. We are sure they will be happy about that! Stay tuned.