Adventures for Cubs

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The Acclimation Pen has been upgraded. Curators Tom and Quanah added some very special items to increase the challenges and the interest on the part of the cubs.

Look at all the greenery that Curator Quanah loaded on the Cubmobile!

Quanah starts out by spreading branches in the rooms of Hartley House and hiding grapes and other goodies.

The cubs are learning to forage through the greenery to find hidden goodies like the grapes.

Hops, Barley, and Bourbon love to play in the greenery.

This “fun and games” exercise is teaching them to forage!

Bedtime for cubs; Moonshine Mouse is just appearing on the scene.

Now the Acclimation Pen needs some attention.

Curators Tom and Quanah turn their attention to the Acclimation Pen with more branches brought in.

A rotten log filled with insects – what a treat!

Curator Coy moved a pool into the Acclimation Pen and filled it for the cubs.

Hops makes his entrance.

They are learning that the best way down is to take the boardwalk.

The cubs are WILD! They wrestle and climb up and down, paying no attention to gravity.

The firehose hammock is a big hit.

The hammock is a good place to dangle.

This cub is still dangling – how long can he hold on?

All three of the cubs take a dip in the pool.

And off they go! It’s been a busy, active day! All the better to help them grow bigger and stronger! We wonder what will be next!