Woody on tree

ABR Cub Update

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Now that there are four bears – three spring cubs and one yearling – residing at ABR, the curators are trying to get photos for us to see them.  It’s not easy, though, since the curators are also trying to keep at a distance and minimize any contact.  This means that they have to take photos through small peepholes.  These are the latest, starting with our yearling, Woody.  He has very good wild behavior and avoids being seen by the curators.  He hides in underbrush or climbs a tree when he senses their approach.

Woody on tree

Woody does not like to be seen!

Next, we see Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway in their large acclimation pen.  As we have said before, they climb to the highest part of their climbing structure when a curator comes near.

Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway

Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway relax and play up high.

Finally, here is Marvin, the fussy eater.  He is reported to be eating lots of food, as long as it is what he likes, and is definitely gaining weight.  He is in another large acclimation pen.


Marvin in his large pen.

All of the bears are doing well.  The three cubs will be released into a Wild Enclosure as soon as they are able to eat only solid food, without the formula, yogurt, and other soft foods.