ABR Bear #255!

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It’s true – Appalachian Bear Rescue received another needy yearling bear.  It is a very small female, weighing just 18 pounds at the age of sixteen months. By contrast, our curators estimate that Finnegan, at 4 months of age, weighs about 25 pounds!

Bear #255 is nicknamed Lucinda Bear, in honor of a woman who was known as the “Queen of the Smoky Mountains National Park,” Lucinda Oakley Ogle. Mrs. Ogle lived to be 94 years old and was instrumental in the establishment of the park.

Lucinda Bear was taken to UTCVM and received the usual worm meds.


Lucinda Bear is examined by Dr. Sullivan and his team at UT.


Lucinda is a very small yearling.

The little bear has been struggling to survive and has not had a good diet.  This is very apparent in the condition of her mouth and teeth.

Lucinda's teeth

Lucinda’s mouth and teeth are in bad shape.

Hopefully, as she receives good nutrition at ABR her teeth and gums will improve.  We are glad that this little bear was brought to ABR where she will have the foods she needs to grow strong and healthy for her ultimate release into the wild.