For the past twenty-one years, our friends have helped Appalachian Bear Rescue give orphaned and injured black bear cubs a second chance at life in the wild. To date, we’ve cared for 266 bears because compassionate people like you are kind enough to help. But to help bears in the future, we need to educate the public about them today. We believe that learning about bears and other wildlife will lead to better coexistence and a reduction in the number of bears who come to us because of avoidable human-bear conflict.

To that end, we have tripled the size of our Visitor and Education Center at Trillium Cove. The expansion allows us to offer more classes, host more guided hikes, bring in guest speakers and gives our curators a venue to communicate directly with the public. We want you to be a part of this exciting new chapter in the ABR story.

Please consider joining our new membership program. Individual and Family Memberships are available.  You’ll receive a membership card, a weatherproof ABR logo decal, and free access to most classes and events offered at our Trillium Cove Visitor and Education Center.  Membership is good for one year from the date you sign up.  We will send email notifications to remind you to renew. Class schedules are available for October and November 2017.  We will kick off the 2018 schedule in March and are working diligently to add online educational opportunities for the new year.

Knowledge is the key to peaceful coexistence. Your Appalachian Bear Rescue membership will support our efforts to promote public awareness to keep people and bears safe.

Please help us help bears.

Links to Future Events: